Steal her look :
Brown Fashion Shoulder Bag With Tassel $55.00
Grassroots Gal Coat $70.00
Marc by Marc Jacobs Clara Dot Sweater Scarf $28


Steal her look :

  • Brown Fashion Shoulder Bag With Tassel $55.00
  • Grassroots Gal Coat $70.00
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Clara Dot Sweater Scarf $28

Anonymous said:  OH MY GOD CONGRATS L!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! The time has passed so fast, it really feels like just yesterday you were getting all nervous to leave for England. Aw, L! I hope you have safe flight back, and that you have a lovely welcome back and not too much jet lag. I'm so so so proud and happy for you, congratulations!!! xx

Thanks chicken! The speed at which time passes seems to be ever increasing. I struggle with that sometimes, when looking forward from the present; knowing just how much the now will change. I have a hard time trading in the now for the new.

On to the next thing, whatever it may be. My mind and my calendar are open (:

Anonymous said:  Wait you're done with your masters?!?!??!

Yup. I am a little more knowledgeable and significantly more in debt. So, all is well!

Guys in 26 hours I will be heading to the airport to catch my flight back home. The gravity of the thought that this piece of my life, all of the sounds and the feelings and the nowness literally ceases to be once I am gone is hitting me very very hard right now.

I’ve never been very good with endings, you see.

Anonymous said:  L!!!!! You know in your fanfic, right in the beginning, when Liam and Niall are together watching TV and stuff and they don't really have anything to do?! instagram(.)com/p/tb1m9OsyC_/

Hehe I don’t even remember that bit, but the niam slumber party made me feel things. x

2013 vs 2014 - I was part of Hanson.



Anonymous said:  i hate my best friend and boyfriend together oh my lord it makes me so angry. my best friend is okay on her own, but when they're together they become the most annoying couple in the universe. also her boyfriend used to bully me and i still get really weird vibes from him and I've told my best friend this but she doesnt seem to care. at all. yeah. okay. sorry, just had to let that out.

This will probably be a make or break for your friendship. It’s okay though; time marches on!

Hey L, I need your adviceeeee
So at the beginning of the summer I asked this boy at. He was nice and all on the first date and we got on well. He really liked me and I really liked him and we texted everyday and we talked to each other at work everyday. So then he told me that relationships need to be intimate if ya know what i mean, and I said nuh-uh and he got all pissy. And then we had a HUGE fight and we were saying horrible things to each other. Then a week later after not talking he texted me back saying sorry and since then we’ve kinda agreed that this is just a friendship. We made up and we don’t talk about the fight, but point is we made up and we text/talk a lot now. He’s a very private person so when he tells me really personal stuff like stuff he wouldnt tell ANYONE i’m like “what what, why did you say that to me?” and then last night i got home from a long flight and we were texting and he told me he just cut himself with a knife and he had to go to the ER. so then he CONTINUES texting me with a bloody hand to the ER?? it’s like why are you texting me while going to the ER? thats a bit strange? and he tells me all this stuff that i don’t give a rats ass about but i pretend like i car because i’m nice. He’s just confusing me because I don’t know if he still likes me or not? I can’t imagine that feeling would just go away…i mean he REALLY liked me. he tells me all this personal stuff that i dont know how to respond to? and then he’s moving away now. He’s graduating a year early and then he’s moving far away and probably not coming back. he said “I’d only come back for one reason” and he didn’t tell me the reason?? A girl reason?? Me reason?>?!?!? winter sports reason?!??!? and tbh i’m kinda said cause he’s like my only friend within a 30 mile radius
So do you think he still likes me? Or is he just trying to be a friend? He’s like really attractive so he could get any girl he wants and he’s mentioned other girls but i dont know if he mentioned them to make me jealous (when we were interested in dating he’d mention other girls to make me jealous as part of his flirtatious banter)or if he’s treating me like a guy friend, ya know
please help. thanks.

————— Hey little one. Of course I cannot see into his brain but my guess would be that he likes having someone to talk to that will listen to him. That’s not a bad thing but you’d like to be sure that you’re not just a space filler if you are the one interested in more than friendship. As for the sex thing, if your gut is telling you wait, then wait. In fact, always go with your gut. Rarely will it steer you wrong. xx


Safaa knows what’s up


Safaa knows what’s up


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