Anonymous said:  so being a 21 yr old college graduate... you don't feel weird that you love a boyband?


what am i supposed to love??? briefcases??? 

sexonhoranlegs replied to your post: Mes Amis!

Montmartre, definitely, just wonder around there, is my favorite place in Paris! There’s the Sacré-Cour which is a must to see. I’m not the museum type AT ALL but the louvre is amazing and free for students.

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Definitely do the double decker bus tours. They’re the best way to see the most since it’s kinda spread out.

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gaaaah do Sacré-Cour and also i liked palace of versaille a lot and the outdoor gardens were awesome!

Thanks! (: (:

Mes Amis! 

I am going to Paris with my Dad in a couple of weeks and I need suggestions for things to do and eat that aren’t so expensive they make my asshole pucker. We aren’t museum types and we don’t drink wine. I have no idea why he is insisting on Paris of all places but I digress…

We’re staying in the 16th arrondissement and will be there (I think) Sunday-Tuesday. 

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said:  Any songs that your recommend for a sex playlist? I've got Mike Posner's Bow Chicka Wow in there... Any other ideas?

Tbh if that song came on during sanctioned sexytime I am fairly sure I would not be able to control my laughter. Luckily, I enjoy a good laugh in the sack. Once, Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘September’ came on, and that was really amazingly funny. I mean, you can’t help but boogie to that song. 

My friend Sunny makes awesome playlists, which you can find here. I’d suggest ditching the Mike Posner unless you and your partner are as strange as myself.